MARS and The Soviets - the true story

The Soviets -- where did they go?

I still remember the shock when the Soviet Union got into space with their Sputniks. The dog Laika first, then Yuri (“I could see no God out there”) Gagarin circled the Earth, and they sent a probe around the moon. And then – silence. Did they really not make more than the space station? Here is what really happened.

At a certain time, the Soviets decided they had to make a choice. They could go on with the “Cold War” game. This was considered too dangerous as the escalation of weapons made it impossible to win a war without destroying too much. What they could do, on the other hand, was to leave earth, and build their new model society on Mars. Due to a development of the principles outlined in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I recently was able to go there, and see for myself.

What they have done is, filling an enormous crater with synthetically engineered heavy gases that include the right amount of oxygen. This way, in the crater there is a quite breathable local atmosphere, although there is quite an unnatural, sulphur-like smell to it. I have the photo to prove this!

As they don’t want to get engaged in another “Cold War”, they will arrest everyone who can reveal what is going on, so I only have a few photos indicating what is going on. Even today, they mostly live under ground, and just go out into the “atmosphere” on special occasions. But, as you will see, there are tracks showing where they go exploring the area, and in two of the pictures it is possible to see the plant that is producing the artificial atmosphere, at the rim of the crater.

You may ask – how come this is not known in the US? Truth is, that CIA got a hunch that something was going on. For a long time they had felt rather smug about Soviet technology. That is, until they captured the latest MIG fighter jet. Some of this has spilled out, but the truth, that these last MIG’s really are interplanetary shuttles is still kept a secret. Combining this knowledge with certain of the Mars Mission photos, and the information from the probe that was reported “failing” revealed a strong, well functioning Soviet Union of Mars.

This grand failure of the CIA was such a shock, that they feared loosing control over the USA. Their only option was to get their former boss “elected” president, and later his son. Keeping Clinton busy in everything but looking into what was really going on handled the Clinton era.

And, as the Soviets left, taking their technology with them, all that the Russians, Ukrainians, Belo-Russians and so on had left, was old-fashioned technology and no structure in the society.