This is my new homepage.

The old one was lost for some strange reason - by SOL or NEXTRA or pure bad luck.

Now I have found most of it. It is mainly regarding Sikkim, and some Goa and New Dehli and things. You need a browser that can handle frames, and more than 600x800 resolution. Some links don't work at the moment ...

*Old home page.

Here is mostly pictures and some stories and things like that.

This time I keep it simple, but you'd better have a frame enabled browser, as new links most of the time opens a new browser window. Just close when finished.

That's all oh yes, if you happened to go here by pure chance, my name is Nils Andreas Erstad, and I live in Drammen, Norway.

If you need something translated from Engslish or Deutsch to Norwegian, have a look at:

 Good hotels world wide:

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*New Dehli


*En artikkel som tar for seg typiske fag"idioter"s reaksjonsmåte på Heyerdahls "forskning".

*The myth of Mount Sumeru and the four continents - or Hotel Amax Inn, New Dehli - and reversibility.

*På jakt etter Ashokas klippe-edikt i Dehli

*Mari og Ylva ( My granddaughters)

*Bilder fra Namdalen mars 2003

*I once did fall for a young lady in Finland, in a way that made my wife laugh.

* PDF-fil med bilder fra Hvam (STOR)

*Back in the USSR

 *Looking for Ashoka 

* Prostrations in Pemayangtse

 * Where did all those Soviets go? Mars 2002

 * Going Home, or The Generous Monk

* Our trip to Sweden May 2003

 Some photos