Some pictures from our May 2003 trip to Sweden

Three typical Swedish idylls; top left near Trollhättan; bottom left northern Øland,

Top right Simrishamn. Note the red and yellow flag, Danish red with a Swedish yellow cross. This is the Scania flag, and Scania used to be the Danish heartland.

Ahls stenar; the stones of Ahl -- the latter either the name of some pre-viking king or the term for a holy place. Stones are placed like a huge ship, and there are found remains of a burial. Some calendar details can be read using this construction, but not very much, and not to any detail like Stonehenge.

Ahls stenar is situated at the top of the hill, overlooking the Baltic sea.

This is close to Simrishamn; the beach and the Danish looking church is below.

Top left: Blooming threes in Tomelilla, north of Ystad.

Top right: Långe Erik (Long Eric), the lighthouse on the northern cape of Øland. (A similar called Långe Jan is in the south of the island.)

Left: The canal dock at Søderhamn, once a very important port. The red houses are Skeppsdocken wanderer's home. Cheap and cosy lodgings.