Nathu La is one of the traditional border passes between Sikkim and Tibet; the one on the classical Tibet route over Gangtok to Lhasa.

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"Informed sources" in Gangtok say that there are talks between China and India on the reopening of this road for trade and tourism. The rumour has it that the Chinese are more keen on this than the Indian Government. The deal is that China recognizes the Indian take-over of Sikkim, while the Indian side is only asked to allow the route to be reopened. This is a "too good to be true" deal many in India feel, so what are the Chinese trying?


There is also another pass a little more to the south, where the route Kalimpong - Lhasa used to go. The problems with Ghurka nationalism in the Kalimpong are may make the Ganktok - Nathu La option the most probable. This road will be easier to tourists. The border passes are at 4300 m. over sea level. The highest pass at around 5000 m is later, between Gyantse and Lhasa.


The language spoken is Norwegian, recorded directly to my DV camera.